Artificial Intelligence in Property – Interview with Malthe Harslof

About Spacemaker AI

Spacemaker is an AI software company, HQ’ed in Oslo with a research office in Boston and presence in the UK, Spain and Sweden. We were founded in Aug 2016 and today have 80+ employees across 5 locations. We are proud of our strong team of data scientists, platform engineers, architects/urban planners and customer functions. Our mission is to help build sustainable and better cities by using AI to dramatically improve decision making and collaboration in real estate development.

How are you using AI?

Spacemaker has developed a game-changing AI technology that helps users discover smarter ways to maximize the potential of a building site. Our AI software helps developers and architects to quickly test, iterate, analyse and develop better concepts. By applying machine learning with reinforcing mechanisms across our platform, we improve our optimization algorithms after every run. We do not believe artificial intelligence will replace construction planning, but when human and machine come together, architects, engineers, and property developers can gain superpowers. Our initial focus is feasibility studies for early-phase residential developments – later on, we will tackle all construction sub-verticals (commercial, office, infrastructure, schools, etc.) and expand our offering into several new use cases, e.g. site acquisition and plan submissions.

An example of a client benefitting from your services

We have several case studies with developers and architects using our software to develop new concepts, e.g. resulting in 25% extra m2, 180+ increased view, 86% reduced noise on facade, 50% reduction of corners, 300% sun hours on certain facades, increased daylight, etc. One specific customer used Spacemaker’s pareto-optimal algorithm to height-optimize an existing design concept and found additional 5.000+ m2. Another large developer states to have reduced their overall planning process by at least one year. The list goes on, we have many examples with tangible outcomes, and also receive positive feedback from the wider ecosystem, including planning authorities.

What Real Estate companies should consider when trying to adopt AI

AI and digital platforms have already made their entry into the world of construction/real estate development. It’s key for companies to structure themselves in the way to best take advantage of these new technologies, e.g. by forming specific digital functions, cross-functional workgroups and implement it as part of their strategic business plan –  not treating it as “just another IT tool”. First movers in this space, are doing the above, breaking down internal silos and welcoming in external partners (like Spacemaker) to take part in forming their AI strategy and ways of working – we are honoured to already be partnering with many large developers today, and look forward to continuing our fruitful collaboration going forward.

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