Artificial Intelligence in Property – Interview with Owen McCormack

About Hoxton Analytics

We provide accurate, private and insightful pedestrian data – including people counting, gender, flows and occupancy – to retailers and retail destinations.

How are you using AI?

We have received a patent for our computer vision solution which collects insights by filming the footsteps of passers-by. Low-level cameras film people from the knee downwards and our algorithms turn that into highly accurate data – all without every capturing any personal information such as faces or mobile phone data.

An example of a client benefitting from your services

Our solution is deployed across Landsec’s London portfolio – this includes the flagship shopping centre One New Change and the new outdoor development Nova. Our highly accurate pedestrian data is shared collaboratively with tenants and used by Landsec’s management as a constant and meaningful measure of performance.

What Real Estate companies should consider when trying to adopt AI

Make sure their objectives are driving the agenda and not the tech. AI is a great enabler but the investment only makes sense when it is aligned with the company’s goals.

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