Hectic April in the Norwegian PropTech scene

Unite Living is revolutionizing rental payments in Norway

The residential rental platform Unite Living is taking a major step in digitizing one of the last frontiers of payments streams, the rental payment stream. They just released paying your rent through Vipps, Norway’s most popular mobile payment app. On top of that, the rent invoice will be available in all online banks and mobile payment apps available in Norway. It has never been easier to pay rent or get paid as a landlord. Unite Living is a step forward in their mission of removing all manual and repetitive processes in the residential rental market.

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Airthings ramping up

One of the worlds greatest Alpine Skiers, Aksel Lund Svindal from Norway, recently retired from the sport which leaves more time for investment opportunities. As learned from a recent article in Dagens Næringsliv he has just increased his investment in the Norwegian Proptech company Airthings while simultaneously  becoming a board member. The Norwegian Proptech Company Airthings is aiming to become a global market leader in the field of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and monitoring. Aksel Lund Svindal believes the this is a very interesting market with great potential, and Airthings has already had great international success with their B2C products. Airthings recently established a new B2B division called Healthy Building Solution providing solutions monitoring IAQ for Facility Management, Offices, Integrators and HVAC specialists, Schools & Kindergartens.

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Smart Plants – Nominated as start-up of the year at Green Awards

Proptech startup Smart Plants is nominated as Start Up of the year at Green Awards.

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DN: Start-up of the year in Norway

A lot of proptech companies were recognized in the Norwegian business media house DN’s yearly start-up award. These awards are not specific on Proptech, but recognizes all start-ups.

In the category for B2C companies, Norwegian solar company Otova won for their innovative and easy to use solar panels. The two Norwegian hot shot proptech companies Disruptive Technologies and Airthings were in the top 5.

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In the category for B2B, proptech company Spacemaker won the start-up award for their innovative AI solutions in building projects. “The hottest place to work in Norway”, was one comment.

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Proptech companies are doing well in the Norwegian start-up scene!

KLP Eiendom working with Spaceti

Pension fund CRE giant KLP Eiendom has commenced a pilot project with Spaceti, the Czech proptech IoT company which won the global startup competition at MIPIM this year. PIR sensors, as well as air quality sensors, have been installed in meeting rooms in KLP’s headquarters in Oslo. The sensors will be used to gain insight into how the meeting rooms are being used, as well as making it easier for KLP’s employees to know when meeting rooms are available.

– We hope to improve the meeting room booking experience at our headquarters, and to learn about optimizing occupancy analytics, says Andreas L. Farberg, Head of User Experiences at KLP Eiendom

FM company Toma also team up with proptech-winner Spaceti

Facility management company Toma team up with Spaceti. Toma have installed Spaceti’s sensors and system in one building and plan to expand to their broader portfolio.

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Catenda used in huge development project for Veidekke

Veidekke through their district office Veidekke Agder is constructing the environmentally certified office building for the Brønnøysund Register Centre (Brønnøysundregistrene).

The total project cost is 500 MNOK, and the new, modern and energy effective building will be the workplace of more than 500 people when it is move-in-ready in the summer of 2021.

Geographically the project team is spread out throughout Norway: The project management Veidekke Agder is situated in Arendal, RATIO Architects are in Oslo, the RIB is in Trondheim, the contractor Block Berge Bygg and DNF who is doing the ventilation and electrical are both based in Stavanger, Cowi is in Haugesund doing the advisory work on the technical side, and the building itself is being constructed in Brønnøysund.

“Bimsync serves as the heart of the project, and all project planning takes place in the cloud. It is a fantastic platform to use, the request for information (RFI) is way faster when doing issue management here rather than using email correspondence,” says BIM Manager Ruben Myreng from Veidekke Agder.

The team has divided the work into clear milestones. The scheduled meeting always go through all of the issues in Bimsync, using the platform to ensure project progress.

“Bimsync serves as the focal point, our collaboration becomes a lot more efficient. It clearly visualises who does what and who is in charge. We used to do meeting summaries, now the process is a lot more effective and precise,” Myreng says.

The Brønnøysund Register Centre project is now in phase one, design and pre-construction. Currently there are 13 different operative roles that are active in the project. This phase is split into 13 weeks, each with clear weekly milestones. The initial kick-off meeting produced and agreed upon project plan. That made it easy to decide who delivers what in what week, and the defined issues were added to Bimsync with deadlines and assignments.

“Bimsync is highly effective for our process. Anyone who wants access can easily get it. The visualisation of an issue makes it easier and faster to solve, it becomes very concrete and easy to understand. Most importantly: everyone knows everything at all times,” Ruben Myreng says.

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